Universitat Rovira i Virgili

ASTERISC. Communication Research Group

Research carried out by ASTERISC researchers can be defined as an approximation to different areas through qualitative methodologies of communicative evaluation that place the audience as the main feature of communication and information processes; and methodological qualitative approaches that emphasize innovation and transversality.

The main guidelines of our activity are:

The two main research lines are the following:

It covers the fields of strategic communication in its wide sense such as consulting services in political communication, planning of institutional communication, planning of communicative campaigns for corporations and institutions, management of company, public institutions and political parties press offices, public relations in the mentioned areas and journalistic specialization in topics related to politics -electoral campaigns, political crisis management-, institutions, industry and the environment.

Areas of interest:

Master's Degree in Strategic Communication (MASTERDEC) 

It aims to analyse media culture as main key in the communicative processes, taking into consideration the study of media communication in the framework of social, ideological and economic development (bearing in mind transversal dimensions such as gender, ethnic origin, age and class, as well as the role of media in the construction of identity elements); and the relation between cultural studies and media, what is known as film studies, critical studies on television and new media studies.
In parallel with these aspects, our work is also centered on the application of audiovisual and advertising research, media structure and content analysis.

Areas of interest:

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