Universitat Rovira i Virgili


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URV offers the Communication Studies since the academic year 2008-2009 at the modern facilities of Campus Catalunya, located in Tarragona's city centre.

The complex has all the facilities and the appropriate equipment for modern university campus classrooms with air conditioning and audiovisual  facilities, a library and documentation center, a restaurant, a copy shop, parking space for 300 vehicles and WiFi connection.

Television studios
The Department of Communication Studies has two fully equipped television studios to carry out the teaching practices of the Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism and Audiovisual Communication programmes. The studios have an acoustically and ergonomically conditioned filming set, a movable lighting rails system with cold incandescent lamps, configured set cameras, black cyclorama and chroma, teleprompter and wireless microphones.

Online Media Lab
It is equipped with 25 networked multimedia computers, a scanner, a  laser printer and an audiovisual and multimedia presentation system.

Graphic design and audiovisual animation laboratory
It is equipped with 20 networked multimedia computers, a scanner and  laser and inkjet printers.

Image processing laboratory
The Communication Studies have eight independent networked cubicles distributed in two areas: image processing laboratory 1 and image processing laboratory 2.
Each of these eight cubicles are equipped with a powerful workstation computer with a preview in real-time video card of digital/analogue format, extra raid for hard drives, a TV monitor, a DVCAM digital video recorder, a microphone and a professional sound table.

Radio studio
The radio studio has two areas: the technical control and the studio. The control board is equipped with 48 digital channels with effects, audio processors, compressors and filters; two audio workstations, cassette and CD players, a pach pannel, a graphic equalizer, amplifiers and monitors. The studio has a distributor of professional audio headphones, two monitors and four condenser microphones with a supporting base.