Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Researchers Carlota Moragas and Katy Romaña defended their doctoral thesis at DEC

The events took place in Campus Catalunya on the 20 and 21 June, respectively

Carlota Moragas' thesis, entitled 'Claiming Independence in 140 characters. Uses of Metaphor in the Construction of Scottish and Catalan Political Discourses on Twitter ', analyses the use of metaphor in a Twitter campaign about the independence process in both countries and concludes that it is a useful resource in definition of conflicting political issues. It was directed by Dr. Arantxa Capdevila, Professor of Communication Studies at the URV. The examination panel was integrated by the professors Hugh O'Donnell (Glasgow Caledonian University), Victor Sampedro (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) and Enric Castelló (URV).

On the other hand, Katy Romaña defended her thesis entitled "Representation of Afro-Colombians in armed conflict through the press: case Bojayá ', a work that examines stereotypes and invisibility suffered by the Afrocolombian people in the spheres of social, political, economic and religious life in Colombia, in front of the indifference of the State and the apathy of the media in cases of armed conflict in the region. Dolors Comas d'Argemir (URV), Jordi Busquets (Universitat Ramon Llull-Blanquerna) and Monica Figueras (Pompeu Fabra University) participated in the examination panel. The co-directors of the thesis are Iolanda Tortajada and Jordi Farré, both professors of the Department of Communication Studies of the URV.


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