Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Department of Communication Studies

Audiovisual Communication


Publicity and Public Relations

Master's degree in Strategic Communication in the Risk Society

Doctoral Programme in Anthropology and Communication

Bachelor's degrees in Communication (Audiovisual Communication, Journalism and Publicity and Public Relations) aim to provide quality education that guarantees that students will be successful at finding a place in the professional world. In relation to research, both regarding advertising and public relations as well as journalism and audiovisual communication, the profile of our group is focused on preferential lines such as the risk communication, the political communication, the institutional communication or the corporate communication. All these thematic areas are crossed by qualitative methodologies of communicative evaluation that place the audience as the real protagonist of communication and information processes.
In all the areas the activities of the group are guided by the application of methodological qualitative approaches that emphasize innovation and transversality.


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