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General information

MASTERDEC is a programme of 60 credits (48 compulsory and 12 optional). It has three compulsory modules (12 subjects) that provide basic knowledge and competences in strategic communication. In addition, students must study one optional module (4 subjects), in which they can choose between different subjects. 

The Master's Dregree promotes the transversality and the complementarity between professional and research areas, making use of the contributions of each one of them and creating synergies between both, which will allow an integral formation for the students in order to be able to develop their professional and/or academic curriculum in the strategic communication area. 

Description of the modules

The three basic (and compulsory) modules are: 

Furthermore, there are two complementary modules:


The methodology used in MASTERDEC is based on two central concepts: 


Guest speakers and special sessions

The Masterdec program includes special sessions with guest lecturers. During the course 2017-18, we were pleased with the participation of the following speakers:


Programme 2017-18

Schedule 2017-18