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MASTERDEC, Master's degree in Strategic Communication in the Risk Society, is an official university master's degree taught by the Department of Communication Studies at the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona. It has the support of the URV-Repsol International Chair for Excellence in Communication and ASTERISC, a consolidated research group in communication.

The destinctive features of this Master's Degree are based on the concepts of strategy, internationalization and the MASTERDEC experience.

It focuses on strategic communication management in organizations, institutions and companies. Its basic objective is to train responsible and competent professionals to carry out academic research and provide them with knowledge of the concepts, skills and values of strategic communication in complex environments. It also trains the students in analysis, assessment, diagnosis, planning and implementation.

By obtaining the MASTERDEC, students can apply for admission to the Doctoral programme in Anthropology and Communication at the URV, and to any other doctoral programme at Spanish universities.

Dr. Enric Castelló, coordinator of MASTERDEC

For more details and further information about the academic aspects such as contents, perspectives, ways of working, admission, specialization, etc.

Academic Coordinator - Department of Communication Studies 
Dr. Enric Castelló

For more details and further information about process and academic requirements for enrolment, documentation, adaptations, certificates, grants and financial aids, etc.

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