Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Masterdec Experience

At the Department of Communication Studies of the URV we think that studying a Master's degree is much more than passing subjects and learning concepts, techniques and ways of doing. It also includes "living a personal and integral experience", both academically and proffessionally, but especially in a cultural way. This experience contributes to the growth of the students both professionally and academically, and it mainly contributes to their personal development.

The MASTERDEC Experience is based on two central concepts:

Strategy: The Master's degree provides knowledge about the different aspects and areas of strategic communication, training the students in research, analysis, assessment, diagnosis, planning and implementation of the communication in institutions, companies and organizations. For this, the academic team is composed by highly qualified lecturers, both professionally and in research and teaching.

Intercultural: Doing a Master's degree is much more than passing subjects and learning concepts. It also includes "living a personal, academic and professional experience" sharing knowledge, experiences and moments with a group of people from different places of the world. 

What MASTERDEC Experience means:

Todo un reto, tanto a nivel personal como a nivel profesional. Es una experiencia gratificante que te permite crecer como persona y como estudiante -Anna, Catalonia

A chance to develop academically in such a competitive context and in times of economic crisis -Helle, Denmark

Una experiencia diaria, espacio donde confluye el intercambio de visiones, la multiplicidad cultural y la calidad de la formación académica -Paola, Argentina

Una experiencia llena de oportunidades, aparte de adquirir conocimientos, entablas amistades que perdurarán en el tiempo -Sascha, Venezuela

A través del conocimiento que he adquirido sobre comunicación, pienso que podré ampliar mi oportunidad de trabajo -Sofía, China